Hookstown Fair is summer theme at Baker-Dungan Museum

This summer the Baker-Dungan Museum at the Penn State Beaver Brodhead Cultural Center is featuring the history of the Hookstown Fair as its theme. This year marks the 63rd anniversary of the fair. The museum is open from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. before each of the shows held at the Penn State Beaver Brodhead Cultural Center’s J. P. Giusti Amphitheater. The museum, located on the hill overlooking the amphitheater, is owned by Penn State and staffed and operated by members of the Mill Creek Valley Historical Association.

The museum’s display will feature a variety of items related to past Hookstown Fairs, including books, photographs, souvenirs, ribbons, and posters. Terry Schaner, a member of the Mill Creek group, has written a brief history of the first Hookstown Grange Fair held in 1947.

For information about the museum, call the Brodhead Cultural Center at (724) 773-3610.


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Last Updated June 26, 2009