'Daily Buzz' provides fresh educational technology news

July 15, 2009

Information Technology Services' (ITS) Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) unit is now posting daily news about educational technology at Penn State on the TLT Web site in a section called “the Daily Buzz" at http://tlt.its.psu.edu/about/newsletter/daily. The site features articles and multimedia such as podcasts and videos, and also allows for comments so readers can discuss the latest topics.

Every Monday and Wednesday, "TLT CoffeeReads" take a look at educational technology in the media, from Penn State and around the world. These topics are designed to get people thinking and talking about how current issues relate to Penn State's efforts in teaching and learning with technology.

Every Friday, TLT will post "BuzzLion," a glance at what people in TLT are doing and thinking, and a review of some of the activity going on at TLT. Additionally, feature articles will be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These summaries include stories about TLT events, projects, ideas, faculty who use educational technology in their courses, trends in teaching with technology at Penn State and elsewhere, and more.

"The Daily Buzz" is located under the "News" section on the right side of the Teaching and Learning with Technology Web site. To get Daily Buzz updates, subscribe to the TLT RSS feed (http://tlt.its.psu.edu/rss) or get Daily Buzz links via Twitter by following “tltnewsletter" at http://twitter.com/tltnewsletter online.

Last Updated July 16, 2009