How well do you know Penn State?

August 17, 2009

OK, so you think you're an expert in all things Penn State. But how well do you really know the University Park campus? In all the times you've walked or ridden your bike across the campus, have you ever really looked at your surroundings, or have you just focused your gaze on your destination? Here's your chance to prove yourself. Starting Aug. 24 and running over the next several weeks, we'll be posting pictures to the Penn State Facebook page of things you likely pass most days while on campus. Join the fun and see how many you can correctly identify before your fellow Penn Staters chime in. The first one will be easy, but don't be fooled. We've cropped in tightly on details, so you'll have to think hard before you can identify some of them. Record your guesses by commenting on the photos. Not yet a fan of the Penn State Facebook page? Add it to your favorites now by going to online. Be sure to join the Alumni Association fan page as well, at online.

Last Updated September 09, 2009