Employees to have more purchasing options with eBuy

September 10, 2009

Thousands of Penn State employees use eBuy every year. The program allows faculty and staff to make convenient, paperless purchases of research items, books, furniture, computers and more for University units.

This semester, eBuy will be available to employees. The upgraded program will offer more choices for purchasing, as well as create customized processes for departments to approve orders that exceed spending limits. Purchasers also will be able to buy items that are not in eBuy catalogs and will get confirmations through e-mail.

Due to the upgrade, on Sept. 17 and 18, eBuy will be unavailable for purchases. Purchases made from General Stores on Sept. 16 will be delivered the following day, but no new orders can be placed that day. Janitorial supplies are kept in stock at General Stores, and janitorial staff can call directly to place an order if there is an emergency need during the blackout period.

Offices should stay tuned for more eBuy updates, training information and news on when your department will begin using eBuy. Financial officers will alert their units with more details.

For more information, visit http://www.ebuy.psu.edu.

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Last Updated September 17, 2009