Schreyer Scholars get in step for THON

February 20, 2009

By Casey Sharbaugh ’11 Com
Public Relations Intern


At 6 p.m. today, hundreds of Schreyer Honors College Scholars will be joining in Penn State’s 36th annual Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. For 46 hours, dancers will stay on the move—no sitting or sleeping whatsoever—to raise money to support the fight against pediatric cancer.

Four THON teams—SHC THON, Atlas THON, Springfield THON, and A-7 THON—have ties to the Honors College. Additionally, Scholars are involved with other teams sponsored by various student organizations and with THON committees such as Morale, Rules and Regulations, and Communications.

Throughout the weekend, the dancers will be entertained by local bands, will participate in activities designed to keep them on their feet, and will be visited by student athletes, local celebrities, faculty members, and, most importantly, many of the children who benefit from the dollars raised by THON.

Honors College junior Greg Tallman, former chair of Atlas THON, heads communications for THON. This position requires Greg to be responsible for all communications regarding THON within the Penn State community. It is his job to relay information about THON to Penn State students, faculty, staff, alumni, athletes, committees, and more. Furthermore, Greg oversees 20 Communications Captains and 180 Communications Committee members. Greg very much enjoys his position and notes that balancing his school work with being an overall chairperson has allowed him to improve upon his time management skills.

While Greg has had to make sacrifices along the way, he still finds his position to be very rewarding. Greg has been counting down the days until THON weekend and says “although it sounds cheesy, I am most excited to see the smiles on kids’ faces.”

Here’s a look at the four SHC-affiliated THON teams:


  • Chair: Jess Bowell, ‘09
  • Members: 10-12
  • Founded in 2000

While SHC THON fields a small team, this allows each team member to have a personal experience with the group’s THON family, the Jacksons. The team has high hopes this year, but Jess noted that the current economic situation has made fund raising a bit more challenging. .


  • Chairs: Nadia Hasan, Alejandro Barreto, Jonathan Recchi, and Chris Baradziej
  • Members: 50-60
  • Founded in 2008

Nadia Hasan, co-chair of A-7 THON, will be representing the team on the floor this year while dancing alongside Dan Kennedy. Nadia is extremely excited for A-7’s first year at THON and thinks that dancing will be the “perfect end to her THON experiences.”


  • Chair: Greg Plumb
  • Members: 100-150
  • Founded in 2001

Greg hopes that freshmen involved with Springfield THON will walk away from this weekend with a true understanding of what it is since “only so much can be put into words.” He is proud of the team’s fund-raising efforts thus far this year and notes that Springfielders are “the warriors of THON.”


  • Chair: Alli Schultz
  • Members: 200
  • Founded in 2005

Last year, Atlas THON raised $160,473.97, earning them the top spot in fundraising for independent organizations and fourth overall, which includes Greek organizations. Alli noted that while the team has grown in size by 1,200 percent since their founding year, “Atlas remains extremely focused on building relationships with our THON families and maintaining our family-like atmosphere.”

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