Professor of architecture to deliver lectures in Paris and London

September 16, 2009

On Oct. 1, James Wines, professor of architecture at Penn State, will be speaking at an architectural symposium at Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. The conference, L'enjeu Capitales -- les metropoles de la grande echelle, has been organized in response to French President Nicolas Sarkozy's "21st Century Greening of the City" initiative. Frederic Mitterand, the cultural minister of France, is the key administrator. Wines' lecture will be titled "Economy of Means" and deals with creative architecture and planning, based on new demands of frugality and innovation.

Wines also will lecture at the Barbican Conference Center in London, England, as a keynote speaker for the museum's current "Radical Nature" exhibition. His talk, titled "Environmental Thinking in the New Millennium," will focus on the fusion of art, architecture and green policies since 1990.

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