Libraries give away Paterno bookmarks

September 23, 2009

The University Libraries invite the public to stop by any of its library locations to pick up a collectible Paterno READ bookmark. This is the third year the Libraries have offered bookmarks as a way to encourage the public and others to visit the Libraries and to see first-hand what services they offer.

Since 1980, Joe and Sue Paterno have supported Penn State Libraries. Now they are rallying support for Pattee and Paterno libraries' new Knowledge Commons that will help students, faculty, librarians and staff to collaborate in new and exciting ways to expand the boundaries of knowledge and ignite human ingenuity. Information about the Knowledge Commons is available online at the Alumni Library at (See "Libraries Today: Embarking on the Knowledge Commons").

For more information on the bookmark project, contact the Libraries' Department of Public Relations and Marketing, University Libraries at 814-863-4240.

  • IMAGE: Wilson Hutton
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