Penn State Shenango donates restored computers to Prince of Peace

October 08, 2009

After weeks of hard work restoring and fixing community-donated computer systems, Penn State Shenango's information, sciences and technology students were eager to hear Joe Flecher, executive director of the Prince of Peace Center in Farrell, explain to their class what receiving one of the more than 20 computer systems will mean to his clients at Prince of Peace. "The AWESOME program, one of our many programs at the Prince of Peace Center, enables our 'clients' to take classes to help them better their lives," Flecher told the students. "One particular component of the AWESOME program is to offer computer classes so that people can look for jobs online, compose resumes and cover letters, and help their children with homework. Once an eligible client has completed 12 classes, we will provide them with one of the restored computer systems. You can't imagine how much they appreciate it."

The past summer, IST faculty member Brian Patt, began the computer systems' salvage, repair and donation project by sending a request to the community to ask for donations of unwanted computer systems in conjunction with his IST Hardware Computer course. The goal of the project was two-fold, first, to teach students how to take apart and fix a computer system and, second, to choose a worthy local community agency to donate the restored computers.

"I couldn't be more pleased how this project took off with the cooperation from the community and then continued its momentum through the hard work and dedication of our students," stated Patt. Now, with the collaboration with the Prince of Peace Center, I think we've hit a home run!"

In addition to fixing the computer systems for donation, the students have spent many hours dismantling the unusable parts and systems in order to salvage and properly dispose of the hard plastic and metal. "Every working piece of equipment has been fixed and restored," stated Erin Champ, student project manager. "Anything that couldn't be fixed or used has been separated and will be disposed of properly. One of our goals is to be green with our project as well."

The 20 plus computer systems, most with printers, will be donated to the Prince of Peace later this month. For more information about Penn State Shenango's Information, Sciences, and Technology program, please call Brian Patt at 724-983-2959.

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Last Updated October 09, 2009