Campus bicyclists must register bikes online

October 09, 2009

Bike riding is an environmentally friendly, healthy and convenient way to travel in and around campus. Penn State has over 2,000 registered bicycles. In the past, riders had to bring their bikes to University Police or the parking kiosks to get registered. Today, it's easy to hop online and get your bike signed up.

All bicycles on campus must be on record. Students, faculty and staff can visit the Transportation Services Web site at for more information and to register their bicycles. Once registered, Parking will send a registration sticker in the mail.

Bicycle registration helps University officials track down stolen bicycles, identify those that have been abandoned, and keep an accurate record of how many people are riding bikes.

Bicycle riding has numerous benefits. It is excellent exercise, it saves money (both gas and parking) and it also keeps the amount of cars on the road to a minimum. That benefits campus safety, as well as the environment.

The University is in the process of implementing a campus and regional bike plan, which includes the online registration as well as the addition of bike racks and climbing lanes -- which are designated uphill bike lanes that keep bikers a safe space away from traffic -- to campus.

  • Residents of Leete, Runkle and Holmes halls take full advantage of new bike storage rooms in each building.

    IMAGE: Greg Grieco
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