Office of the University Registrar announces change to eLion Faculty

January 07, 2010

In order to improve the security of our student records, a change to the login process for eLion Faculty has been made prior to the beginning of the spring semester in 2010.

Previously, the use of a second factor authentication token was required only for those faculty eLion functions that update student records (e.g. grading, and Early Progress Reports). Since Jan. 5, a second factor authentication token is required for access to all functions within eLion Faculty. Faculty members logging in to eLion will be prompted to enter the number from their SecurID token at the same time as they are prompted for their user ID and password. Faculty functions in eLion include class lists, syllabus links, early progress reporting, final exam schedule, grading and prerequisite class lists.

Faculty who use eLion and who do not currently have a SecurID token must obtain one in order to maintain uninterrupted access. To learn more about second factor authentication tokens, visit Questions about the change to the eLion Faculty login process may be directed to Carol Findley in the Office of the University Registrar at

Last Updated January 07, 2010