Penn State designs collaborative learning spaces

November 09, 2009

University Park, Pa. -- To meet the growing national trend toward team-based learning, Information Technology Services (ITS) has been installing collaborative learning spaces equipped with the latest technologies throughout the University Park campus. The new learning spaces, many of which are available around the clock, are helping faculty test the limits of team learning by making it easy for students to collaborate on activities and course projects.

Collaborative learning spaces at Penn State are popular with students because they make group project assignments easier to complete said Mary Ramsey, manager of the learning spaces.

“It’s nice for students to be able to work together in the same location as opposed to say being in different residence halls,” she said. "Having a place where you can go and work together helps expedite the project.”

Along with supplying these spaces with comfortable furniture that students can arrange to meet their group needs, ITS has installed technologies designed to assist students with team projects. Ramsey said there are several technologies that are available to students. In addition, wireless is available, if students opt to bring a personal laptop.

To learn more about collaborative learning spaces and available technologies, visit online. This Web site will be continually updated throughout the fall semester.

Last Updated November 09, 2009