WPSU encourages participation in National Day of Listening

November 18, 2009

University Park, Pa. -- Penn State Public Broadcasting will join the acclaimed oral history project StoryCorps in celebrating the second annual National Day of Listening on Friday, Nov. 27. The National Day of Listening is an effort to encourage all Americans to honor a friend, a loved one, or a member of the community by interviewing them about their lives.

Participants are encouraged to record their National Day of Listening interviews using equipment that is readily available in most homes -- from cell phones to tape recorders to computers or even pen and paper. StoryCorps has created a free Do-It-Yourself interview guide with equipment recommendations and interview instructions. You can find these instructions at http://wpsu.org/listening online.

WPSU-FM staff members will kick off the project and show radio listeners how it works by doing their own "day of listening" interviews. Interviews by Cynthia Berger, Emily Reddy, Patty Satalia and Lindsey Whissel will be broadcast during "Morning Edition" in the week leading up to the National Day of Listening. They will gather stories from their friends and family.

WPSU-FM also wants to hear from local residents. Participants have the option to share their stories by posting them to http://wpsu.org/listening or by calling the WPSU listener line at 814-865-0270. Some of the stories may be broadcast on WPSU-FM with the storyteller's permission.

"This project is a natural match with the Thanksgiving holiday," said Cynthia Berger, WPSU-FM's director of news and public affairs programming. "I know that when my family gets together around the table for a festive meal, we tell all our crazy family stories and laugh. What a great idea to record, share and save these stories."

StoryCorps is an independent non-profit whose mission is to honor and celebrate one another’s lives through listening. StoryCorps is one of the largest archives of American voices ever created, with interviews gathered from more than 50,000 people in all 50 states.

WPSU serves central Pennsylvania with programming, educational services and community outreach. This public media service produces, acquires and distributes programs that address local interests and reflect the diverse cultural, political, geographic and demographic characteristics of an audience within central Pennsylvania.


Last Updated November 19, 2009