University Park Allocation Committee announces trial open meetings

November 24, 2009

University Park, Pa. -- On Tuesday, Nov. 17, the University Park Allocation Committee announced an unprecedented step in engaging the student population to create a more open allocation process. Beginning this spring, all policy and standing allocation meetings will be open for observation.

In announcing the new trial program, UPAC chairman Mark Donovan called the initiative “a huge step in building upon our University’s foundation of transparency and student participation.”

“This is an opportunity to open our doors and share with the Penn State community how our Student Activity Fee dollars are allocated and policies are made,” Donovan said. “This dedicated group of thirty-five students works tirelessly to improve the out-of-class experience for all Penn Staters, and voted tonight to share how that process works.”

Process under the new initiative:

Policy Meetings

1. UPAC members, policy presenters, and anyone wishing to sit in the gallery enter room

2. Presentation of the policy proposal 

3. Period for public comment

4. UPAC discussion of the policy proposal

5. Closed voting session


Standing Allocation Meetings

1. UPAC Members, Requestors, and anyone wishing to sit in the gallery enter room

2.  Presentation from Requestor

3. Period of UPAC-Requestor question and answer

4. UPAC discussion of the budget

5. Closed voting session

*Gallery members are requested to remain quiet unless speaking during the public comment section. For more information please visit


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Last Updated November 24, 2009