Penn State's Rock Ethics Institute announces new online forum

The Penn State Rock Ethics Institute is introducing a new online forum that is open to all Penn State students, faculty, staff, alumni and community residents. The forum encourages everyone to “Speak Up” in order to address the ethical challenges that confront them and to share their experience and insight with the community.

“We urge people at all Penn State campuses and beyond to join the conversation, and to encourage others to do the same, by visiting and leaving comments on our new blog, becoming a fan of our Facebook page, watching some of the videos on our YouTube page, and joining us on Twitter,” said Nancy Tuana, director of the Rock Ethics Institute in the College of the Liberal Arts. “(Participants can) start the discussion of a topic they would like to see addressed by becoming a Facebook fan and sharing their thoughts on our wall. We have started the conversation, but we also need the public to tell us about the ethical issues that are important to them.”

The blog, titled "Speak Up," can be found at online. Visit the Rock Ethics Institute on Twitter at online, on Facebook at online, and on YouTube at online.

Last Updated May 19, 2016