Two engineering faculty named distinguished professors

February 17, 2010

College of Engineering faculty members Cheng Dong, of bioengineering, and Jerzy Ruzyllo, of electrical engineering, were recently bestowed with the title of distinguished professor.

The honor recognizes outstanding professors for exceptional instruction, research and service as demonstrated by evaluation of teaching, research support, graduate student supervision, refereed journal publication, professional society activities and service to the University community.

A faculty member since 1992, Dong focuses his research on elucidating biomechanical, biophysical and biochemical aspects of cellular function in the circulatory systems, with particular interest in cellular biomechanics, cell adhesion, cell migration, cell signaling, systems biology and multi-scale modeling of biological systems. His most current research area is tumor cell extravasation, a process that involves active tumor cell adhesion to the endothelium under flow conditions and subsequent transendothelial migration toward extracellular matrix.

Since joining Penn State in 1984, Ruzyllo has researched manufacturing methods and devices for semiconductor micro- and nanoelectronics and photonics as well as processing and characterization of electronic and photonic materials. His most current research focuses on semiconductor quantum dot processing for LEDs and optical interconnects.

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