Volunteers needed to help study effects of cocoa beverages

March 10, 2010

Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center’s Qing Yang, Ph.D., is studying the effects of cocoa beverages on levels of alertness, thoughts, and general body coordination.

Healthy volunteers may be eligible to participate in this study.

Participation includes completing memory tasks and questionnaires in an MRI before and after consuming a beverage. Over the course of the study hot cocoa, brewed cocoa, tea infused with cocoa, and a placebo beverage (no active cocoa) will be consumed.

Eligible participants will be healthy and between the ages of 20-45 years, not a smoker, and have no central nervous system disease or mental decline.
For more study information call Dana Lochman at 717-531-0003, Ext. 281205.

This research study, IRB 27988, has been approved by the Institutional Review Board, under federal regulations at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, Penn State College of Medicine.

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