Faculty member's book examines impact of jazz music in France

April 08, 2010

A Penn State faculty member examines the impact of jazz, a form of music that originated in the United States, on popular music and culture in France in his first book.

In “Le Jazz: Jazz and French Cultural Identity,” Matt Jordan, an assistant professor in the College of Communications, traces an initially cool reception for the form of music in France, showing how French culture warmed to it through an ongoing conversation about its significance until it became an assimilated and treasured cultural form after World War II.

The 312-page book was published by University of Illinois Press.

Jordan, a member of the Department of Film-Video and Media Studies, teaches media studies, film studies and interdisciplinary approaches to history and culture. Before joining the faculty at Penn State, he taught at the University of Louisville.

In the past few years, he has presented nearly two dozen papers and had his worked published in a variety of publications.

  • Matt Jordan.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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