Heard on Campus: Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison

April 08, 2010

“I find intellectual excitement to be most profound in a life of letters. The most interesting, the most engaged and the edgiest ideas were found in humanities courses ... humanities functions best and most brilliantly from the edge ... the history of writers at the edge and at the border is the history of all literature.”

-- Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize-winning novelist, who received the Institute for the Arts and Humanities Medal for Distinguished Contributions to the Arts and Humanities from Penn State President Graham Spanier on Wednesday evening (April 7). IAH Director Marica Tacconi told nearly 2,000 students, faculty and community residents that the medal honors a person who is considered rare and uncommon, saying Morrison is "a master of the pen and a champion of the imagination. The force of her writing is powerful to humanity." More information is available at http://live.psu.edu/story/45218 online.

  • Nobel Prize-winning writer Toni Morrison is recognized with the Institute for the Arts and Humanities Medal by Penn State President Graham Spanier, right, and IAH Director Marica Tacconi, left.

    IMAGE: Greg Grieco

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