Penn State Food Services gets into the 'madness'

April 12, 2010

University Park, Pa.— A few days before the Duke basketball team took care of business in the NCAA championship, another March Madness tournament was coming to a close. The balls and prizes were a little smaller and the stakes weren't quite as high, but don’t say that to the fiercely competitive students who gave it their all.

Penn State Food Services wrapped up another edition of its own “March Madness" tournament on Thursday, April 1. The event tipped off on Tuesday, March 30, in four on-campus convenience stores. The contestants were paired up in a bracket, and squared off on a mini-hoop. The four top contestants from each location moved on to the Sweet 16 final on April 1.

Some of the prizes for the winners included an Apple iPod, Nintendo DSi, Canon digital camera, mountain bike, and a Playstation 3. The mini-hoop used for the event was donated by Dr. Pepper, and provided for some intense competition among the 32 student participants. For over five years the event has been held at University Park, and always has taken place during the NCAA tournament.

Although it is not a national championship, for those couple of nights these students were able to participated in their own march madness glory.

  • Students duke it out in East Halls for the Food Services

    IMAGE: Penn State

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