4-H alumnus gives thanks by giving back

May 18, 2010

University Park, Pa. -- Boalsburg, Pa., resident Fred Strouse credits 4-H with making him a successful farmer, auctioneer and entrepreneur.

“My 4-H experience taught me so much about responsibility, planning and leadership that it really influenced me throughout my life,” said Strouse. “It gave me knowledge and self confidence that have helped me become successful.”

In recognition of that early guidance, Strouse has established a $50,000 endowment for Centre County 4-H. Funded by an immediate gift of $10,000 and a $40,000 gift annuity, he hopes his support can make a difference in a child’s life.

Just 13 when his father died, Strouse wanted to help his mother but needed to learn more about the business of running a farm. After a neighbor suggested 4-H, Strouse got involved and soon found himself impressed with the organization. He said 4-H gave his entrepreneurial talents a jump-start that propelled him into many successful ventures.

Today, 4-H is faced with greater challenges as it has seen a decline in support from federal and state funds.

“The gift annuity is a great way to generate extra income and tax advantages for Fred, while ensuring that the invested funds support 4-H in the future,” said Dan Nestlerode, president of the Pennsylvania 4-H Development Council.

Pennsylvania 4-H is a program, coordinated by Penn State Cooperative Extension, which offers educational activities for youth in rural and urban settings through 4-H clubs, after-school programs, school enrichment and special interest groups focused on science, engineering and technology for youth aged 5 to 18. It teaches young people life skills by putting their heads, hearts, hands and health to work in their own lives and communities.

For more information on how to make a donation, visit http://extension.psu.edu/4-h/donate online.


  • Fred Strouse credits 4-H for life successes.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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