Welcome Week gets students, families ready to be Penn Staters

July 06, 2011

Welcome Week kicks off each  semester by greeting thousands of new Penn State students with fun and informative events that introduce them to life on campus and all that comes with it.

Beginning Friday, Aug. 19, and continuing through the weekend, a variety of activities will be happening around campus that will get first-year students acclimated to the Penn State experience.


Students should visit the Welcome Week site to learn about what they will need to start the semester smoothly. Once checked in, students will be able to move into their residence hall rooms and enjoy the exciting activities planned for them, their families and their new friends. Learn what to pack, what not to leave at home and how to get life started at Penn State.

Activities at University Park include the "Be a Part from the Start" pep rally and Fresh START -- Penn State's largest day of service. Other weekend events include Convocation with President Graham Spanier and activities in residence areas organized by Residence Life.

Welcome Week at the Commonwealth Campuses also features a variety of activities that are designed for students to meet new people and begin to feel at home at Penn State.


Parent and family sessions will be open and will answer questions about residence hall life, the local community and life as a student at Penn State.

Visit the Welcome Week site to learn about students' first day on campus, parking and unloading information and everything else families will need to know as their students begin their time at Penn State.

Parents and guardians of University Park students can get a taste of on-campus dining with the Penn State Parent Dining Card. Each parent can enjoy a $5 meal at any of the six on-campus dining commons. Parent Dining Cards are included in freshman Welcome Week packets and are also available at the Food Services Office, 111 Redifer Commons.

Parents are not allowed to stay overnight in the residence halls with their students during Arrival. Welcome Week is an opportunity for students to meet new friends, become acquainted with roommates and learn their way around campus. View available lodgings at the Penn State Hotels, or see what is available in town.

  • Students show off their Penn State spirit at last year's 'Be a Part From the Start' event.

    IMAGE: Annemarie Mountz

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