Atherton's Grave on Penn State's campus

July 19, 2010

Atherton’s Grave, located on the north side of Schwab Auditorium on Penn State’s University Park campus, is the eternal resting spot for former University President George W. Atherton’s remains.

Atherton was Penn State’s seventh president and served at the helm of the University from 1882 to 1906 – the longest tenure of any Penn State president.
Upon his death in 1906, General James A. Beaver, former Pennsylvania governor and president of Penn State’s Board of Trustees, suggested that Atherton be interred in front of Old Main, but Atherton’s family preferred the then-quieter location beside Schwab.

Atherton, credited with rescuing the institution from financial collapse, can count the introduction of engineering into Penn State’s curriculum, leading the University’s first building boom and securing regular annual state funding among his many other accomplishments.

A video on Atherton is available at /video/166075/2013/02/09/video-no-title

  • In 1982, this granite wall and meditation area was added to the site of Atherton's Grave.

    IMAGE: Penn State
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