Big Ten Network feature to profile Sue Paterno

September 09, 2010

Sue Paterno will be featured on a Give Big segment of Big Ten Tailgate this fall on the Big Ten Network. Paterno, wife of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, will be recognized on the Oct. 8 program for her dedication to Special Olympics of Pennsylvania.

Many of the qualities that make Big Ten teams successful on the field are the same that help members of the Big Ten community make a difference off the field. Dedication, hard work, putting in the time and working together toward a higher goal are what makes the Big Ten community special. The Give Big feature from the Big Ten Network is designed to highlight and inspire this service and sacrifice among Big Ten community members.

In its inaugural year, the feature will profile one person from each Big Ten school who, as members of their community, exhibits a genuine dedication, a long-lasting relationship and regular involvement with his or her cause. The segments will air at 11 p.m. Eastern time Fridays on the Big Ten Network.

For more information and a listing of all who will be featured, visit online.

  • Sue Paterno engaged Special Olympics athletes in the stands during opening ceremonies for the 2010 Special Olympics.

    IMAGE: Annemarie Mountz
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