Clinic offers free accent reduction, voice and hearing screenings

October 05, 2010

The Penn State Speech and Hearing Clinic is offering free services in October and November 2010. The clinic is located in the Ford Building on the north side of Penn State’s University Park campus.

Hearing Screenings

Free hearing screenings are available for Penn State employees and retirees during October 2010.

Accent Reduction and Voice Screenings

Free accent reduction and voice screenings are available for all Penn State employees and students during November 2010. Accent reduction can help individuals speak Standard American English more effectively and reduce how often others ask you to repeat yourself.  Voice therapy can help with projecting your voice, and alleviate voice fatigue or hoarseness at the end of the day.

To schedule a 15-minute screening appointment, call Vicky Long at 814-865-5414. For more information, visit

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Last Updated October 12, 2010