Biobehavioral Health Building construction to begin Oct. 25

October 15, 2010

University Park, Pa. -- Site preparation work will begin on Oct. 25 for the construction of the Biobehavioral Health Building on Penn State's University Park campus. The new building is being situated south of the Henderson Building between the Old Main lawn and the HUB lawn. The first step in the process will be to install fencing around the construction zone, and to build a paved, lighted walkway to maintain pedestrian traffic across the HUB lawn.

The temporary walkway will start on the west side of the HUB lawn just south of Henderson Building, and connect with existing walkways to reach the east side of the lawn near Schreyer Honors College. Roughly half of the HUB lawn will be fenced off as part of the construction zone, with access to the rest of the lawn maintained.

The Brown-G parking lot located between Henderson Building South and the HUB lawn will be taken off-line permanently. Those who parked in the 50 faculty/staff parking spaces there have been relocated to other parking areas.

The new, 93,500-square-foot building will address significant space deficiencies within the College of Health and Human Development, and also will contribute to consolidating the college into one central location. The primary academic unit in this building will be Biobehavioral Health. Other supporting units that will share the building will include the Center for Aging, the Center for Human Development and Family Research in Diverse Contexts, the Prevention Research Center, and Information Systems and Services.

The existing 12,000-square foot Henderson Bridge Building, which was built in 1958, no longer meets the needs of the University and will be demolished. This allows Penn State to maximize the capacity of this important site within the core campus.

The total project budget is $48.1 million and completion will be summer 2012. The building will be LEED certified.

  • This is a map of the construction site for the Biobehavioral Health Building on Penn State's University Park campus. To see the full-size photo, click on the image above.

    IMAGE: Penn State
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