Student Stories: Environmental Resources graduate emerges in Bay

November 29, 2010

Penn State alumna Victoria Kilbert dove head first into the job market and resurfaced in the Chesapeake Bay. Sort of.

After graduating from the College of Agricultural Sciences in 2008 with a degree in environmental resource management, Kilbert tried various jobs before arriving in Annapolis, Md., where she now works as part of a Chesapeake Bay Program water-quality implementation team.

The Hermitage, Pa., native noted that the large "Nittany Lion network" helped her get the job. "The coordinator for a summer job I had was one of Penn State's representatives to the Chesapeake Bay Program, on the Scientific Technical Advisory Committee," she recalled.

"He put in a good word for me, and things just started rolling. I was in Annapolis within a month. Penn State is so widely known and respected in my field."

Kilbert's education prepared her for her job. "I took the Soils 101 course, and I doubted whether I would ever use what I learned, but I have," she said. "I've also been surprised by how much chemistry there is in my job. I participate in a lot of little things that I hope one day will make a big impact in the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay."

While Kilbert loves the Annapolis atmosphere and all it has to offer, she still finds herself a little homesick at times for State College. "I never thought I would miss a central Pennsylvania winter in my life, but I do. I miss the mountains and the people," she said.

"And being able to go to a Thai restaurant one day, an Indian restaurant the next day and an authentic Chinese restaurant the day after that -- I loved that when I was at the University Park campus."

  • Victoria Kilbert by the bay

    IMAGE: Penn State

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