New Kensington campus continues its Year on Spain celebration

October 27, 2010

Penn State New Kensington continues its International Year on Spain at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 3, with a flamenco dance performance by Centro Flamenco de Pittsburgh in the Forum Theatre.

The ensemble of singers and dancers performing a series of choreographed dance steps and improvised styles accompanied by guitarists features Carolina Loyola-Garcia, a Chilean artist and assistant professor of media arts at Robert Morris University. Loyola-Garcia is a founding member of the group and performs flamenco music and dance as a vehicle for cultural expression.

"Flamenco dance was born out of 'resistance'," said Loyola Garcia, who holds a master's degree in fine arts from Carnegie Mellon University. "The origins of flamenco can be traced back to a group of people who were outcasts in Spain at the time of the Catholic Inquisition."

Flamenco is a cross-cultural dance form that originated with people in Spain whose ancestors included Gypsies, Jews and Moors. It is a very complex art form that encompasses an array of histories, rhythms, people and stories. It is usually enhanced by rhythmic hand clapping and encouraging interjections (jaleo) from fellow performers.

Loyola-Garcia's company presents contemporary flamenco dances that are the result of many traditions coming together over several centuries. The performers are well-known for their portrayal of a family of dances that include over 40 rhythms.

Centro Flamenco de Pittsburgh strives to increase awareness of flamenco culture through the production of shows, workshops, classes and other activities inspired by the art form, as well as through collaboration with other organizations of similar scope. The ensemble performs regularly at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, college and university campuses, festivals and special events throughout the region.

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