Students give thanks to donors at Scholarship Luncheon

November 04, 2010

Without financial assistance, including scholarships and endowments, many students find it difficult to pursue a college education. Donors attending Penn State Brandywine’s Scholarship Luncheon on Oct. 28 were recognized for making dreams come true by generously investing in the education of Brandywine students.

These donors, who represent more than 50 scholarships totaling approximately $142,000, broke bread with approximately 100 scholarship recipients in attendance and had an opportunity to hear how their donations have helped students reach their goals.

Senior Benjamin Bean, a letters, arts and sciences major, spoke on behalf of the students and assured donors that their gifts were making a difference “You are not just rewarding quality scholarship,” he told them, “you are reinforcing a passion for knowledge; a gift that would be passed on to future generations.”

In addition to the student’s expression of gratitude, Joseph Linker, campus advisory board member and donor of the Joseph and Mary Jane Linker Scholarship, communicated to the audience how a simple gift changes lives. “All of us have the opportunity to start a scholarship and an endowment. It doesn’t matter how much,” he urged the guests, “It is making a commitment that you want to see other people succeed. I value my education at Penn State and that was made possible by someone else’s generosity.”


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Last Updated November 08, 2010