Four Penn State offices earn Green Paws Certification

November 29, 2010

Four Penn State offices won Green Paws Certification at a Penn State Green Team luncheon held Nov. 12. Green Teams are action-oriented groups of faculty and co-workers that work to promote sustainability in their department, college, building or unit. They also teach other faculty and staff how to work in more efficient, innovative and healthy ways. The winners of the Green Paws Level 1 certification included the office of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, the Music Department director's office, Auxiliary and Business Services' marketing office, and the Campus Sustainability Office.

The luncheon marked a celebration of the shared success of Penn State's Green Teams in leading Penn State toward a more sustainable future. More than 100 people attended, representing 25 Green Teams (roughly 80 percent of the total number of teams at University Park). The gathering also illustrated the breadth and diversity of the Green Team Program, with representatives from a wide spectrum of groups, from ITS to the Music Department to Purchasing to Parking.

“Our staff of 22 found the Green Paws Program very simple and straightforward to complete and this is what we should all be doing to operate our offices,” said Maurine Claver, director of Penn State’s Environmental Health and Safety Department. The Green Paws Program provides an easy-to-follow guide for “greening” an office or unit. Once an individual or group follows the simple action steps, their area becomes certified and they can move to the next level. There are four levels in total. At each level, participants further develop their unit’s ability to manage energy use and other measures of sustainability. This program is open to all Penn Staters, not just those already on Green Teams. Presently, six Penn State campuses have these teams as well.

Orientation sessions for the Green Teams and Green Paws programs will be held on Dec. 7 and 14 respectively. For more information, contact Lydia Vandenbergh at 814-863-4893 at the Campus Sustainability Office or visit online.

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