Heard on Campus: actor Henry Winkler

November 29, 2010

Henry Winkler, the actor known for his portrayal of Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli on the hit TV show "Happy Days," spoke at Penn State Altoona on Thursday, Nov. 18, as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series. Winkler recounted to the packed audience how his career took off, despite a lack of parental support and academic struggles. He claimed to be no different than anyone in the audience, except, he joked, for the fact that his famed leather jacket from Happy Days now hangs in the Smithsonian. "I had a dream to become an actor. I found a way to make that dream come true. You all have a greatness inside you. Dig it out and give it to the world as your gift."

Winkler shared stories about his family and even read a few pages from one of his children’s books, "Hank Zipzer, the World’s Greatest Underachiever." Before he left he gave the crowd his famous two-thumbs-up and an “Aaaaayyy,” for old time’s sake.

Visit http://www.altoona.psu.edu/now/news.asp?value=3003 to view pictures from the event.

  • Henry Winkler as he spoke at Penn State Altoona on Nov. 16.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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