Engineering Project Design Showcase winners announced

December 11, 2010

A project to reduce helicopter blade noise and a supply chain shipping analysis took the top awards in the fall 2010 College of Engineering Project Design Showcase, held Dec. 9 at the HUB's Alumni Hall.

The Project Design Showcase allows students to display their solutions to industry-posed problems. Student teams from aerospace engineering, bioengineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, engineering design, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering participated in the event.

First-place Lockheed Martin Design Awards went to two projects. The helicopter blade noise reduction project was sponsored by Bell Helicopter with students Daniel Anderson, Kyle McCausland, Robert McCutcheon, Mason Thompson, William Ripley and Nicholas Grande with Leland Engel, instructor in mechanical engineering, advising. The supply chain shipping analysis project was sponsored by the Vitamin Shoppe. Its team included Arundhati Bhat, Douglas Hejna, Megan Katic and Martin Kirschnick with Soundar Kumara, professor of industrial engineering, advising.

Second place went to two projects: an assistive device to trigger pull a rifle or pistol for a quadriplegic person and a local situational awareness system for a pre-positioned expeditionary assistance kit (PEAK). The assistive device was developed by students Benjamin Roscoe, James Vomero, Leonhard Weber and Eric Weidert and advised by Mary Frecker, professor of mechanical engineering, and Maggie Slattery, assistant professor of bioengineering. The local situational awareness system was created for the Department of Defense by students Jose Almonte, Michael Korsyn, Andrew Craver, Colleen McCracken and David Wilson and advised by Elizabeth Kisenwether, assistant professor of engineering design.

Third place went to a U.S. Army-sponsored project for an intuitive controller for improvised explosive device interrogation claw and a thermoelectric applications for diesel engine system project for Volvo Powertrain. The claw controller team consisted of students Stephen Borodin, Alan Salkind, Adam Satko and Carissa Wyman with Dennis Dunn, associate professor of computer science and engineering, advising. The Volvo project team included Andrew Conety, Mark Keagel, Chris Melville and Daniel Walter with Tim Wheeler, professor of electrical engineering, advising.

Two Department of Defense-sponsored efforts won the Boeing Systems Engineering Award: the local situational awareness system for PEAK project and a global low-bandwidth for communications unit for PEAK project. The communications unit team included students Kyung Chae, Andrew Krajan, Mark Rooney and Benjamin Sam and was advised by Elizabeth Kisenwether.

First place in the best poster award category went to the Volvo Powertrain-sponsored thermoelectric applications for diesel engine system project.

Second place for best poster went to a geothermal pressure reduction project in Marcellus Shale production for Consol Energy. The team included students Blake Bonnewell, Natalie Gennaro, Joshua Lavra and Michael Reed with Domenic Santavicca, professor of mechanical engineering, advising.

Third place in the best poster category was awarded to the assistive device to trigger pull a rifle or pistol for a quadriplegic person.

The People's Choice Award went to a coil tubing removal project sponsored by BP. Its team consisted of students Michael Aquiline, Daniel Fimbianti, Ryan Headlee and Craig Schaeffer with Leland Engel advising.

  • A student demonstrates his team's project to reduce helicopter blade noise during the College of Engineering Project Design Showcase on Dec. 10. The project, sponsored by Bell Helicopter, received a first-place Lockheed Martin Design Award.

    IMAGE: Curtis Chan

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