The Mont Alto Film Project has released its trailer for viewing

January 10, 2011

The student-led Mont Alto Film Project has released a trailer for their film, "Two Days Back". It can be viewed by clicking this link.

The group of students at Penn State Mont Alto began producing this full-length motion picture in the fall of 2009. The Mont Alto Film Project is a practicum in filmmaking offered over four semesters (two academic years). “The Film Project is an opportunity for students to be directly involved in film production, from conception to completion,” said Kevin Boon, associate professor of english at Penn State Mont Alto, who first envisioned the project nine years ago when he realized that advances in technology had drastically reduced the cost of film production.

The goal of the project is for students to produce a full-length documentary or feature film. The students get a hands-on educational experience.

Thirteen students are enrolled in the project, but Boon said he also heard from Penn State staff and alumni who want to be involved. “I originally saw the Film Project as a way of not only involving students, but involving the campus, the university, and the local community,” said Boon.

The Mont Alto Film Project is divided into four parts: During the first semester, students decided on a documentary or a feature film and hashed out creative ideas until they had a workable script. During the second semester, they engaged in pre-production activities, such as location scouting, casting and storyboarding. During the third semester, they completed principle photography. During this final semester, they will be involved in post-production activities, such as editing, looping, and sound engineering.

Students in the Mont Alto Film Project are gaining hands-on experience in all elements of filmmaking while earning 12 credits toward their education.

Students from any major were welcomed and encouraged to apply. Contact Boon for more information at or 717-749-6096.


  • Kevin Boon, associate professor of engineering at Penn State Mont Alto, provides assistance to a student Film Project member while shooting the film 'Two Days Back.' To watch a trailer from the movie, click on image above.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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