WPSU announces Comcast 'video on demand' schedule for early February

February 01, 2011

Comcast cable will offer several shows produced by Penn State Public Broadcasting on its Video on Demand service in the coming weeks.

Available from Feb. 8 to 14: “Sleepyheads,” (2008). Americans sleep an average of two hours less per day compared to 50 years ago. Tim Lucas explains why we need more sleep, how dreams affect our sleep, and how to recognize signs of sleep disorders.

Available from Feb. 8 to 28: “First Black Grad,” (2005). This program tells the story of Calvin H. Waller, the first African-American to graduate from Penn State.

Available from Feb. 8 to 28: “Struggle for PSU,” (1969). Demands from African-American students and a ban on a student newspaper spiked student activism at Penn State in 1969. The resulting activities, including a dramatic Old Main sit-in and a visit from Jerry Rubin, are captured in this historic documentary.

Available through Feb. 28: “Challenger,” (2011). It's been 25 years since Space Shuttle Challenger broke up in mid-air a little more than a minute after launch. And many of the underlying issues that conspired in the disaster were weather-related.

Available from Feb. 8 to March 7: “Medicating Children,” (2011). The number of children diagnosed with psychiatric disorders and the number receiving medication have risen dramatically of the last 10 years. What are the benefits and risks of medicating children? Learn more from this panel of experts.


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Last Updated March 21, 2011