Students: Ace classroom presentations with practice

February 08, 2011

University Park, Pa. -- Feeling anxieties over your next PowerPoint presentation in front of the entire class? The presentation practice room, located in 102B Wagner Building, can help calm those fears by offering all the tools and space needed to prepare for and ace a presentation.

The presentation practice room is equipped with a LCD screen, video camera, and podium. By plugging in a USB flash drive and pressing just one button, students can record themselves giving a presentation, including anything shown on a screen such as a PowerPoint, and then save the recording. This makes it easy to practice  presentations skills, then analyze the recording for strengths and flaws.

To reserve the presentation practice room, visit, then click the “Reservations” button. First-time users of the reservation system will need to register for an account. To view the schedule for the room, from the “Choose a schedule” pull-down menu, select “Wagner Teamwork.”

For technical support when using the presentation practice room equipment, phone the Media Commons hotline, (866) 266-7496.

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Last Updated February 08, 2011