White-tailed deer management webinar miniseries offered by Extension

March 03, 2011

University Park, Pa. -- Penn State Extension, in partnership with the Quality Deer Management Association and the University's School of Forest Resources' Web Seminar Center, will offer three webinars this spring focusing on the management of white-tailed deer.

The White-Tailed Deer Management Series will be webcast "live" at noon and 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month beginning in March and running through May. Each webinar will last approximately one hour.

The webinars will be presented by QDMA wildlife biologist Kip Adams and wildlife biologist/forester Matt Ross. "These programs are provided specifically for anyone interested in learning about white-tailed-deer biology, habitat and management," said extension educator David Jackson, who specializes in forest resources management.

"This is your opportunity to listen to and ask questions of natural-resource professionals who have firsthand knowledge and experience in managing white-tailed-deer populations and habitat."

Deer-management programs strive to attain deer numbers that are in balance with what the habitat can support, Jackson noted. Goals include balanced sex ratios, complete age structures, healthy deer, improved habitat and increased recreational opportunities.

"Listen in and learn how you can help move your deer-management program in the right direction and achieve many of these same objectives," he said.

The sessions are:

March 15 -- Implementing a Successful Deer Management Program. The presentation will cover deer-management strategies and provide real-world examples of how to manage whitetails. It will address antlered and antlerless deer management on public land, private land and small ownerships.

April 19 - White-tailed Deer Breeding Biology and Communication. Following a year in the life of a white-tailed buck, this presentation will discuss dispersal, home range and movement patterns, and physical changes a buck experiences from 1.5 years of age to maturity. How deer communicate during the breeding season also will be covered, as well as how hunters can use this information to improve management.

May 17 - Providing Quality Habitat for White-tailed Deer. Providing quality habitat for deer of all age classes is essential for any successful deer-management program. This presentation will address vegetation management from forest, old-field and food-plot perspectives, and will explain how each fits into an overall habitat-management plan providing the necessary food and cover for each season of the year.

To participate in the live seminars at noon or 7 p.m., you must register and have a "Friend of Penn State" user ID, Jackson pointed out. The "Register Now" page on the Pennsylvania Forests Web Seminar Center will walk you through this process.

If you already are a member of the Penn State community, you can register on the website so you can receive reminders of upcoming programs.

Each session is recorded and archived on the Web Seminar Center along with a copy of the presentation and any handout materials, giving those unable to participate in the "live" session an opportunity to view at their convenience. None of the interactive elements will be available when watching the recorded versions.

"If you're already registered with the PA Forests Web Seminar Center, you don't need to do anything special to participate in this series," Jackson said. "This series is in addition to our regularly scheduled Forest Stewardship series on the second Tuesday of the month."

Participation in the webinars does not require any special software. To view live and previously recorded seminars all you need is a high-speed Internet connection and sound.

The Pa. Forest Web Seminar Center is offered by Penn State Extension's Renewable Natural Resources Extension group in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship Program. The Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship Program provides publications on a variety of topics related to woodland management.

For a list of free publications, call 800-234-9473 toll free, send an e-mail to RNRext@psu.edu, or write to Forest Stewardship Program, Forest Resources Extension, The Pennsylvania State University, 416 Forest Resources Building, University Park, PA 16802.

The Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry and USDA Forest Service, in partnership with Penn State's Forest Resources Extension, sponsor the Forest Stewardship Program in Pennsylvania.

  • The White-Tailed Deer Management Series will teach property owners how to better manage deer.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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