WPSU announces Comcast 'video on demand' schedule for early April

March 31, 2011

Comcast cable will offer several shows produced by Penn State Public Broadcasting on its Video on Demand service in the coming weeks.

Available through April 30: “Japan Nuclear Crisis,” (2011). The nuclear crisis in Japan has the world asking questions about the future of nuclear energy. A panel of Penn State experts addresses public concerns about the meltdown and discusses the implications for energy policy.

Available through April 11: “All Pain, No Gain,” (2004). Did you recently injure yourself? Or have you had a nagging injury bothering you for years? Watch PSU President Graham Spanier discuss everything you need to know about sports injuries with Physician Wayne Sebastianelli and Physical Therapist Dean Plafcan.

Available through April 11: “Garden Tips,” (2004). Looking for some tips for next year’s garden? Listen to three experts discuss gardening and give advice to callers.

Available April 5 to 18: “Scrapes and Bruises,” (2006). Do you know how to treat common scrapes and bruises? See Dr. Messmer demonstrate how to care for such wounds.

Available from April 5 to 18: “Composting 101,” (2006). An introduction to the use and benefits of composting with Master Gardener Suzann Tedesco.


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