Doctoral candidate receives outreach achievement award

April 07, 2011

University Park, Pa. -- Rupesh R. Kariyat, doctoral candidate in plant biology, is the recipient of the 2011 Intercollege Graduate Student Outreach Achievement Award. This award recognizes outstanding achievements of degree candidates in any of the Intercollege Graduate Degree Programs that relate to bringing their scholarship to the community in order to benefit society in some manner. The award also endeavors to encourage future scholars and researchers to embrace outreach and promote a commitment to advancing the welfare and quality of life for the public through scholarly pursuits.

Kariyat was recognized for introducing science, particularly entomology and biology, to K through 12 students. According to his adviser, Andrew Stephenson, "Rupesh is an insightful researcher, a superb mentor to undergraduates, and an enthusiastic participant in outreach activities."

During the past year, Kariyat organized and conducted a workshop on plant-insect interactions for 20 high school girls, as a part of Women in Science and Engineering annual workshop; submitted an experimental lesson plan to the Entomology Society of America for school students in grades 4 through 10, which is designed to introduce students to a hands-on experience in entomology and biology; volunteered to man the butterfly tent at the annual Insect Fair at Penn State; assisted the Botany Society of America outreach initiative by answering general botany questions that were submitted to the Society's listserv from high school students, beginning undergrads in botany, and the general public; and co-organized a chemical ecology workshop at the Bug Camp for Kids.

Kariyat received his award and was recognized at the Graduate School Alumni Society's Spring Social and Recognition Program held on March 26. The Intercollege Graduate Student Outreach Achievement Award was made possible by a gift from alumni, Steven E. and Alice R. Linberg, and a matching commitment from University Outreach. For more information about the award, visit online.

Last Updated April 07, 2011