Heard on Campus: Ed Montgomery at the Forum

April 08, 2011

"If you look at the Recovery Act, one of the largest single components of funding was support for states in education. The president recognized that keeping teachers in the classroom was important both in the short term but also, quite frankly, in terms of our future. I think if we eat our seed corn, and by that I mean if we cut education funding so that we cannot train our young men and women for the jobs of tomorrow, we will be setting ourselves back. You cannot cut yourself that way to growth and prosperity. You have to decide there are some things worth investing in, and I think education has got to be close to the top of the list. We can't grow, we can't compete with the Chinese, we can't compete with the emerging economies of India and so forth around the world unless we do continue to invest in both K-12 education and, quite frankly, making university education accessible."

-- Edward "Ed" Montgomery, dean of public policy at Georgetown University, comparing the American auto industry's recent financial crisis to the public education funding crisis currently being faced by several states, including Pennsylvania. Montgomery, who previously served as director of recovery and executive director of the White House Council for Auto Communities and Workers, spoke today (April 7) as the final speaker in the 2010-2011 Penn State Forum Speaker Series. Montgomery spoke on the topic “Stepping Back from the Abyss: Auto Companies and Communities” in Alumni Hall of the HUB-Robeson Center. He received his undergraduate degree in economics, with honors, from Penn State and his master's and doctoral degrees in economics from Harvard University.

  • Ed Montgomery

    IMAGE: Photo by Annemarie Mountz
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