Book explores psychological issues of service members

April 19, 2011

Elizabeth Mazur, associate professor of psychology at Penn State Greater Allegheny, has contributed a chapter to the recently published book, "Risk and Resilience in U.S. Military Families."  Risk and Resilience in U.S. Military Families details current research findings on psychological health issues affecting service members and their families, strategies for promoting family resilience and evidence-based interventions. It focuses on marital functioning, parenting and child outcomes, family sequelae of wounds and injuries, and single service members.

The chapter written by Mazur begins by reviewing the empirical and theoretical bases for studying families with parents who have physical disabilities. The chapter then describes two related studies she conducted at Penn State Greater Allegheny that identify negative and positive disability-related events of parents with physical disabilities and of their adolescent children. The second study correlates the occurrence of these events to parents' and children's psychological adjustment. Finally, Mazur addresses directions for future research on disability-related events and adjustment in military families.

The book can be ordered directly through the publisher, Springer. All proceeds will be donated to the National Military Family Association.

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