Design Showcase awards presented at Industry Partners' Dinner

Five awards were presented to a handful of student teams competing in the 2011 Design Showcase — a competition of 92 senior capstone design projects. These awards were announced at the Industry Partners' Dinner April 28 to a crowd of 500 students, faculty, staff, alumni and industry partners.

The projects involved nearly 430 students, 10 engineering departments and four colleges — Arts and Architecture, Business, Earth and Mineral Sciences and Engineering. Nearly 2,000 people attended the showcase, including more than 250 local middle and high school students.

The Lockheed Martin Design Award for Best Project was given to three teams, including the ChimClean project, a chimney cleaner. Its student team included mechanical engineering seniors Robert Edling, William Land, Keith Martin and Matthew Vida. It was sponsored by Jason Gabler and advised by Horacio Perez-Blanco, professor of mechanical engineering.

Harris3, a team that developed an automated solar charging station, also received the first place award. Its team was comprised of electrical engineering seniors Steven Hughes, Hung Lam, Daniel Rothrock, Peter Tornegard and mechanical engineering senior Kevin Wenner. It was sponsored by Melissa Dempsey and Christopher Feuerstein, and it was advised by Tim Wheeler, research assistant for electrical engineering.

The first-place award also was given to the Consol team, which designed an improved magnetite material separation process. The project was developed by students Natalie Keener, senior in energy, business and finance; Adam Kimmerle, senior in petroleum and natural gas engineering; Liam O'Sullivan, senior in energy engineering; and Timothy Tomko, senior in energy engineering. Its sponsor was Dan Yanchak, and its instructor was André Boehman, professor of fuel science, material science and engineering.

The Lockheed Martin Design Award for Best Poster was awarded to first-place winners Boeing 2, a team developing a mechanical engineering storage system. The student team included chemical engineering senior Andrew S. Eldridge; electrical engineering senior Erik E. Horn; engineering science senior Arwen R. Kandt; energy engineering senior Roman Keniuk; energy, business and finance senior Douglas E. Middleton and energy engineering senior Kaitlin E. Myers. Its sponsor was Jason Steiner, and its instructor was André Boehman.

The Boeing Systems Engineering Award was presented to the Boeing Helicopters team, which developed a morphing wing for compound helicopters. It involved mechanical engineering seniors Joshua Auman, Gregory James, Kamiar Salehi, Joel Witman and Aleksey Ryzmakov. It was sponsored by Farhan Gandhi, professor of aerospace engineering, and advised by Perez-Blanco.

The Capstone Video Competition Award was given to IM ABLE, a team that developed a handcycle for Craig Dietz, a motivational speaker born with no limbs. Its student team included bioengineering seniors Bello Galadanchi, Kristen McKee, Ashley Pachter and Murtaza Raza, as well as mechanical engineering senior David Friedman. It was sponsored by Gretchen Kaag and instructed by Maggie Slattery, assistant professor of bioengineering.

The BP People's Choice Award, determined by votes from the audience and showcase participants, was awarded to the General Motors 1 team, which developed a secondary hood release mechanism. Its students were mechanical engineering seniors Jacob Boyer, Peter Connelly, Andrew Ference, Joshua Heintz and Thomas Kupetz. It was sponsored by Joe Polewarczyk and advised by Andrew Barnard, senior research assistant for mechanical engineering.

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Last Updated May 03, 2011