Winning 'Sustainable State' videos express thoughtfulness, humor

May 05, 2011

University Park, Pa. -- What do a guy in a penguin suit, a piece of paper named “PoePa” and a beleaguered college student who has a spiritual awakening about how fortunate he truly is all have in common? All three were subjects of winning videos created by Penn State students for the 2011 “Sustainable State” video contest. To see all 12 finalist's videos visit online.

The contest, sponsored by the Penn State Center for Sustainability (CfS) in partnership with Penn State’s Media Commons, challenged the Penn State community to re-vision sustainability through the lens of human happiness and well being. After many hours of dedicated creativity, one round of private judging and nine days of online Facebook voting, the six winners have been determined.

In the “Sustainable You” category, featuring personal visions of sustainability, is first-place winner Christain Fetterman's "Feel Immense Represent;" Yoo-Yeong Lee's "Sustainable You," and Thomas Edward Ferguson's "Shake and Bake."

In the "Sustainable U" category, featuring visions of a more sustainable Penn State, is Bello Galandanchi's "PoePa the Paper;" Kelly Mulcahey's "Sustainable PSU" and Megan Ruffe's "Slow Campus Movement."

“It was great to see the diversity of approaches people brought to this,” said Cole Hons, strategic communications director for CfS. “Some videos are really funny and energetic, some express real emotional depth and several take a closer look into the psychology of at the core of sustainability-related behavior."

“The awareness raised by competitions like this spreads virally, like the waves created by a drop of water, it echoes far and fast,” said Galadanchi. He plans to use his $1,000 prize to book a flight to visit his family in Nigeria, whom he hasn’t seen for 2.5 years.

Media Commons coordinator Hannah Inzko helped provide technical support for contestants, throughout the production and submission process. “This contest was a real testament to how information sharing through media creation can be a rewarding and engaging experience for everyone involved,” she said.

The winners were chosen from a field of 12 finalist videos. Finalists will receive a copy of the new documentary film "The Economics of Happiness," which educates viewers about the devastating impacts of globalization on human health, prosperity and happiness, and promotes the establishment of resilient local economies worldwide as the antidote.

“We couldn’t have picked a better prize for our finalists than this film,” said Hons, who plans to arrange a local screening in the fall. “Next year’s contest will definitely encourage the Penn State community to engage the concept of economic localization in a big way.”

For more information, visit the CfS Facebook Page at online.

  • Click on the image above to see videos created by 12 finalists of the Sustainable State video contest.

    IMAGE: Penn State
Last Updated May 10, 2011