Walking maps highlight scenery, history of campus

May 10, 2011

Thousands stroll the long, tree-covered sidewalks of University Park every day. Campus walking maps developed by the Office of Physical Plant showcase some of the buildings, gardens and trees that make campus one of the nation's most beautiful.

University Park is steeped in history, as well as natural beauty. Avid walkers can track their mileage while learning interesting facts about their collegiate surroundings. The maps add an element to the everyday exercise of walking, and OPP hopes that it will encourage Penn Staters to lace up their sneakers and enjoy campus during all seasons.

There are four different walks that each focus on a specific feature of campus. The walking routes are on one side -- and include distances -- and descriptions of sights around the path are on the other. You can download the maps (pdfs) and follow Penn State's path from its early days to today.


Historic Buildings
Enjoy a leisurely walk by some of Penn State's most popular and notable buildings. Admire the unique architecture and learn interesting facts about each. Did you know that the Carnegie Building was originally the College Library? And did you know that the Nittany Lion Inn is built in a Dutch-Colonial style? Learn more on the 1.5- or 2.5-mile walks.

New Buildings
Maybe you're a champ at Penn State trivia and you know all the facts about its original buildings. What about the new ones? The oldest facility on the new buildings map is just eight years old. You can read about how new buildings stay "green" and the types of research happening in the innovative labs on the 2.6- and 4.25-mile walks.

From the elms that line the Pattee Mall to the colorful collections behind the Burrowes Building, campus trees are as much a part of Penn State as the Nittany Lion. Walking routes include a 1.5-mile route and a 2.6-mile route that showcase some of Penn State's beautiful and most unique trees.

Gardens and Greenways
When the winter months end and the sun shines over Happy Valley, University Park's gardens and greenways become some of the most popular and active places on campus. With one-, two- and three-mile options, you'll see that even the green fields of campus and its colorful flowers and plants have a story too.

The maps were developed as a part of the U Walk Program, a Penn State Finance & Business wellness effort to get employees outside and active. The program was created by F&B's Focus on People Key Initiative, which aims to enhance the wellness, training and development of the organization's workforce.



  • The Nittany Lion Inn

    The Nittany Lion Inn is one of the stops on the historical buildings walking tour of Penn State's University Park campus.

    IMAGE: Patrick Mansell

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Last Updated May 18, 2011