WPSU announces Comcast 'video on demand' schedule for late May

May 25, 2011

Comcast cable will offer several shows produced by Penn State Public Broadcasting on its Video on Demand service in the coming weeks.

Available through May 30: “Green Roofs,” (2006). Explores the function and energy-saving effects of “green roofs,” which involve the planting of vegetation on specially made roofs to save energy. Rob Berghage, a professor of floriculture at Penn State, explains.

Available through May 30: “Green Roofs 2,” (2006). Take an in-depth look at the installation of two green roofs on Penn State buildings and learn about the process and benefits of incorporating plants into your roof with Rob Berghage, Penn State associate professor of horticulture.

Available through May 30: “Human Trafficking,” (2010). Human trafficking has been called the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. Mary Burke, founder and executive director of the Project to End Human Trafficking, discusses the horrors of modern day slave trade and what needs to be done to stop it.

Available through June 6: “We Are the Millennials,” (2009). What are some common interests and attitudes of the millennial generation? Learn more as students explore childhood interests, outdoor hobbies, and gender and sexuality. Also, see how Millennials are preparing for journalism careers in the digital age.

Available through June 20: “Mississippi Rising,” (2011). A set of floodgate systems near where the Mississippi River enters Louisiana is helping to control recent flooding. However, it's at the expense of another lesser-known river basin. If nature had its way, it would be the main route to the Gulf of Mexico.

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