Carroll delivers keynote at CTS conference

May 27, 2011

Jack Carroll presented a keynote address at the 2011 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS), recently held in Philadelphia.
Carroll, the Edward M. Frymoyer professor of information sciences and technology (IST), addressed an audience of about 170 conference attendees during the May 23-27 conference.

“The conference has a history of focusing pretty narrowly on technology and systems, but is trying to broaden its focus toward how the technology is used by people and organizations,” said Carroll.

Carroll spoke about awareness, the importance and need for those who work together through computers and networks to know things about one another.

“In collaborating with another person, I need to know what they know with respect to our shared goals and interests, what skills and resources they have, what they are likely to do in the future, how they will evaluate our joint endeavors and outcomes, and so on,” he said.

Carroll said that little attention has been directed toward complex aspects of awareness, and that the focus has instead been on simple aspects of collaboration like eye movements and mouse clicks. He presented results of experiments his team conducted, as well as the collaborative software designs developed from their research.

Carroll also served on a panel about the “situated computing manifesto” and chaired a session for an invited speaker, during his time at the conference.
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