Political science degree is now available online at Penn State

July 25, 2011

With wars, political unrest and global economic uncertainty, there has never been a greater need for people who understand the political complexities facing nations, businesses and international organizations. Political scientists can expect job opportunities to grow 21 percent through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Penn State's bachelor of arts degree in political science, delivered online, offers a convenient way for people to prepare for careers in government, the law and nonprofits.

"The goal is to help students acquire analytical reasoning skills that will enable them to make informed comparisons, understand common patterns and see the bigger picture -- all valuable assets for sound decision making," said Douglas Lemke, associate professor of political science and lead faculty member for the online degree program. "Offering this degree online is a great option for people who work full time or are serving in the military."

The College of the Liberal Arts is offering the degree, which is delivered online through Penn State's World Campus. Courses focus on American politics, the politics of other nations, international relations and political theory. A political science degree can lead to an entry-level career in a wide range of fields from local, state and federal governments to companies doing business internationally. This degree also is traditionally the first step toward law school.

Lemke said faculty use a variety of methods to keep students engaged online. Courses feature discussion boards and group projects, and lectures are formatted to show the faculty member and lecture slides in a split screen on computers. In addition, the International Relations course offers a role-playing simulation, "Diplomacy," that enables students to use what they are learning to form country teams, make trade pacts and more.

Information about the online a bachelor of arts in political science is available by cellphone and computer.


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