GM donates Chevy Volt to Penn State

September 20, 2011

A new 2011 Volt was donated by Chevrolet to the Center for Sustainability at an event held on Sept. 22, at Foundry Park located behind Hammond Building on Penn State's University Park campus.

Gregory Slusher, a 1985 mechanical engineering alumnus and the engineering group manager of body structures for Chevrolet, presented the vehicle to David Riley, the executive director of the Center for Sustainability, and David Wormley, the Harold and Inge Marcus Dean of the College of Engineering.

The donated Volt, as well as two other Volts, were on display. Penn State Formula SAE also will display their formula style racecar. The event offered refreshments and giveaways.

The Volt is an electric vehicle that was donated in support of the Center of Sustainability’s ongoing research of new transportation technology. The car will permit researchers to collect and track data that will help to prove the efficiency of solar-generated electricity for cars, motorcycles and daily commuters.

"The Volt will enable us to experiment with the best ways to charge and manage electric vehicles and reduced monthly energy costs for business fleets and for homeowners," explained David Riley, executive director of the Center for Sustainability.

The Volt being donated to Penn State is one of only two Volts that Chevrolet donated to institutions of higher education, and the only one being donated for the purpose of sustainable energy research. "Putting the Chevrolet Volt into the hands of students and researches who can provide their own insights on how this technology will change consumers is important," said Mark Reuss, North America president for General Motors. "We need programs like the one at Penn State University to inspire students to become engineers and scientists during a time when we are seeing those fields shrink."

After the event, the car was parked charged in the Chevrolet Solar Carport at the Sustainability Experience Center located on Porter Road.

In 2010, a $30,000 donation from Chevrolet funded the construction of a solar-electric carport at the location.

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