Penn State People: Bob Hay delivers the goods

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa -- He begins his work day at 5:30 a.m. He enjoys his work and realizes that thousands on the University Park campus rely on him to deliver the goods. In fact, staff, faculty, students and guests at Penn State value the results of a day's work from him and most don't even know it.  Bob Hay is the delivery driver for the Penn State Berkey Creamery and he has provided a steady supply of fresh milk, ice cream, yogurt and more to the Penn State community for 15 years.

Hay carries on a tradition that is nearly as old as Penn State. The Creamery started delivering milk and butter to Penn State students in 1865. Today, Hay's delivery route is a little more complicated than it would have been 146 years ago. His refrigerated truck is loaded with the day's orders before the sun rises on the University Park campus and his route includes locations such as all of Penn State's residence halls, the HUB-Robeson Center, both The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel and the Nittany Lion Inn. Anywhere that you may find Creamery dairy products available on campus, most likely Hay has delivered the goods. It takes a lot of ice cream to keep the University Park community well-stocked. Hay delivers more than 2 million pounds of cheese, butter and ice cream to Penn State annually.

Visit to view photos of Hay as he starts his day checking his order list and loading his truck with a variety of fresh products from the Creamery. The era of the milkman has faded in most corners of America, but at Penn State the tradition of waking up to find your milk and cream have been delivered while you sleep carries on thanks to Creamery employee Bob Hay.

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Last Updated October 04, 2011