PSU4PA: Christmas tree farmers take advantage of Penn State expertise

October 10, 2011

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'Tis almost the season—again—and most people are just beginning to think about gift lists and travel arrangements. But for Christmas tree farmers like Gordon Repine of Scotia, Pa., the holidays last all year. One thing many growers do to prepare is attend the Christmas Tree Management Short Course offered by Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences. 

"It's a two-day course in February for Christmas tree growers all over the country," Repine says. "We have the experts in every field," including Penn State researchers and professors, ranging from entomologists offering solutions for insect attacks to plant pathologists who study diseases that affect Christmas trees.

Thanks in part to Penn State's assistance, Repine "went from having 2,000 trees here to 20,000 trees," he says. Hear his thoughts on how Penn State helped him grow:

  • IMAGE: Penn State
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