UHS receives high marks in customer satisfaction

October 24, 2011

The 2011 University Health Services (UHS) customer survey results show continued high levels of customer satisfaction. The survey was conducted through the American College Health Association (ACHA) and questioned UHS patients about satisfaction in areas such as wait times, ancillary services, friendliness of the UHS staff and overall patient satisfaction with UHS services.

UHS also compared favorably with other ACHA-surveyed university health centers, scoring significantly higher than other college and university health centers (reference group) on seven of the 16 satisfaction-related questions. Cleanliness and the general appearance of Penn State's Student Health Center was ranked very high, receiving a  four or five out of five score by 99 percent of students compared to 94 percent for the reference group. Ninety four percent of Penn State students graded UHS a four or five out of five on the measure of how carefully their provider listened to their concerns (vs 88 percent for reference group). UHS also received high marks on patient recommendations (88 percent vs 82 percent for reference group) and overall patient satisfaction (90 percent vs 82 percent for reference group).

UHS continues to work towards improved customer satisfaction by incorporating feedback into health services procedures. Based on the ACHA survey results, improvements have been made to online scheduling through myUHS, the online services portion of the UHS website. Additional customer surveys and time studies have been completed to improve the prescription wait time in the UHS pharmacy.

The UHS ACHA survey results are available on the UHS website at http://studentaffairs.psu.edu/health/survey.pdf.

For more information about ACHA, visit http://www.acha.org.

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