PSU4PA: Penn State academy helps deputy sheriffs protect communities

October 25, 2011

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Pennsylvania residents know they can depend on their county sheriff’s departments to protect and defend them. In turn, the state's local sheriffs have someone they can depend on -- Penn State, whose Deputy Sheriff Basic Training Academy helps them get the real-world skills they need to effectively protect the public.

"Without Penn State's training, we would not be prepared to go into our jobs; we would not be prepared to save a life or defend a life," Scott Henry, a deputy in the Berks County Sheriff’s Department, says.

Conducted by Penn State’s Justice and Safety Institute, the Deputy Sheriff Basic Training Academy is a 19-week program consisting of both classroom lectures and practical hands-on activities that allow deputies to experience firsthand some of what they will face on the job. It is the only program of its kind in Pennsylvania.

To hear more about the program and Henry’s view on how it has prepared him to "expect the unexpected," visit /video/154171/2013/02/08/video-no-title.

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